Automatic Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor

Three bus rides, three trips to two pharmacies, a stop at the doctor’s office and five hours later, Adams had her blood pressure cuff. Later in the week, when Adams called to check on her order, the pharmacy where she was going to buy the cuff told her she would need the doctor to sign a new prescription and fax it over again. She wants to lower her blood pressure but she still smokes.

Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor

She doesn’t have the ready cash that would allow her to pop into a drugstore and pick up a $40 blood pressure cuff off the shelf. Her insurance will pay for a blood pressure cuff, but only with a prescription. It’s common for blood pressure readings taken at home on any type of monitor to be different from those taken at your doctor’s office.

Take control of your health with blood pressure monitors from , your one-stop health care shop. Advanced digital blood pressure monitors are the best means to identify hypertension symptoms. If the incorrect cuff is used the result may be an inaccurate reading and/or the cuff will be damaged (air bladder).

When purchasing a replacement cuff for an arm unit please be certain to measure the circumference of your arm to purchase the correct cuff size. For most models, the warranty coverage for the arm or wrist cuff is one (1) year from date of purchase. Others prefer the larger buttons and display on the upper arm blood pressure monitors (easier to use and read).

This means you are medically assured of the accuracy of the measurements from a blood pressure monitor with this validation. The HBP-1100 Professional Blood Pressure Monitor is a simple, yet reliable blood pressure measurement solution for any medical professional’s consultation desk that includes an optimally angled display and user-friendly interface. You can find blood pressure monitors at pharmacies, medical supply stores or online, and you don’t need a prescription to buy one.

That made the readings less accurate and the cuff uncomfortable. Once activated, the plastic cuff inflates quietly and quickly, displaying your blood pressure and heart rate on your phone. But unlike many of the blood pressure cuffs in this price range, it doesn’t come with a case, though that shouldn’t be a big deal unless you plan on traveling with it often.

You can buy cuffs in different sizes if your arm is smaller or larger than the cuff that comes in the box. One nursing student noted that the Omron 10′s stiff cuff makes it easier to put on yourself” and another said, the reinforced cuff ensures a good fit around the arm.” Another did say that the cuff hurts on the upper arm for larger people.” Fortunately, the cuff does come in a size larger than the one we tested. The cuff is comfortable and easy to put on, especially compared to floppier cuffs such as the ones on the A&D monitors.

Because the repeated constriction of the blood vessels in the arm during multiple tests will affect the accuracy of later readings, we only took the first two readings on each cuff into consideration when determining accuracy, looking overall for cuffs that read within the 10 mmHg of pressure suggested by doctors. We looked for cuffs that were comfortable (not too tight, and not too loose) and easy to put on. Measuring blood pressure by yourself is an exercise in awkwardness as you try to wrap the cuff around your arm one-handed; get too frustrated and your BP will skyrocket. If the cuff is the wrong size, your reading will be off.

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